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The Gateway of Appreciation

Welcome to another year in which we have an opportunity to shift our conscious awareness from negativity to appreciation.

I know we all celebrate that the year has ended, and we are able to plan for another, but the New Year for me has always been a time of reflection rather than making resolutions.

This is why I call it a Gateway, as it is a point in our human experience that asks me to pause and investigate the past to find what was positive rather than negative.

When we seek to find what has brought us joy or a sense of achievement, we recognize the Light within our hearts that fill our bodies with appreciation rather than self-criticism.

It is an appreciation that gives us a better understanding of who we truly are and an appreciation for our uniqueness.

Although we are always grouped together under the word humanity, we are unique pieces of a much larger living presence.

We are able to see Life from many directions and to impact it in ways that we have power over.

Our recent past two years have brought about a much greater awareness and understanding of how our thinking and behavior have altered the abilities of humanity and many other life forms to survive.

Which brings us to the word Appreciation and the questions, Who, What, When, Where, Why and How?

When I was a child I never liked those questions and even today I am not fond of them because they trigger so many uncomfortable answers.


Who do we listen to when we are filled with fear and depression?

What do we truly appreciate about Life and our powerful role in it?

When is the moment we need to surrender to our hearts and refocus our priorities?

Where else but within our hearts can we begin to clear away our emotional pain?

Why have we not trusted the amazing True Self that began Life as a heartbeat?

How can we live more joyfully and in better harmony and balance with each other?

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1.6.2022