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Sagamore Creek Message.JPG

As a council member of  Loving Waters   which is a worldwide group of people who Bless Water in their local areas as a monthly practice at the Full Moon.
I was called to Bless the Sagamore Creek in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

I took this picture while I was Blessing and performing a Healing Ceremony on the water and the area through which it flowed.  Which is a deeper story of sink holes and ancient sacred land.

Still unfolding.

So this morning as I was editing and reflecting on the pictures I took, this one caught my attention to play with.
As I was editing it this message began as wanting to be written on this picture and so it is.

Somewhere beyond all recognition
the familiar becomes a blur
and it is there we are invited
to become One with both past and future

So many lifetimes have passed
each containing so many memories
that are now held by the Waters
asking to be released
the suffering to great to bear