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A Crystalline Brilliance

Today’s message comes from the delicate blanket of frost brilliantly gleaming in the morning sun. Frozen in place in a field of Light.

It reminds us how we are much more than we see at a distance.

In fact, our true brilliance and beauty cannot be seen until we look very closely at each other.

Our brilliance, however, is layered and flexible and able to shift energy within ourselves and each other very rapidly.

Light is needed for us to co-create and be balanced within our physical neuron-network.
That Light comes from the Sun, and if you find yourself feeling energetically weakened, get out in nature’s Light and recharge

Many of us are now experiencing deep emotional eruptions, which can be both ecstatic and very dark.
Hopefully, this reminds us of how important it is to pay attention to our Inner Light and that which emanates from within us.

Let us seek to find indoor sources that help to bring us joy and harmony, emotional balance, and physical longevity.

Become aware of the Light in your homes that is not Full Spectrum, especially where you sit the most.

Our Crystalline Brilliance is needed now more than ever for the natural evolution of humanity.
Our future generations are speaking to us clearly.

Presence Of Light Talk Show Notes
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.09.22