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Welcome to the Edge…
The last moments of the Year always present us with much to reflect on.

As for me I begin to question everything that was obviously intended to move me forward in some sort of evolutionary direction. Thinking that each of us have moved closer to a better understanding of our tiny world among the stars.

I know !!! There is much to be reconciled and dealt with that is very negative which surrounds us like a thick fog. Yet, in the midst of that fog there is a deepening Trust in ourselves and our abilities to overcome it all.

So, as I wrote this Meme as I call them on facebook, I came to realize that something really different has been born within me. Not just another year or holiday season but deep within me at a level I’m not sure of.

Standing At The Edge

This deep inner Being I call Self has come forward and is now looking out through these eyelids. It witnesses all that is happening as just a moment in time, as we understand it.
A tiny fragment of space which moves at the speed of light and cannot be held in our memory forever.

It speaks of forever as a metaphor, as something that cannot exist except as an abstract thought which only challenges us to define it.

So We Stand At The  Edge Of The Universe…
the One-Verse which keeps repeating itself in so many different forms that we believe it is a new song or story every time we hear it.

Let us All begin to see how the repeating patterns of our existence on Planet Earth have only held us captive and do not honor the Self from which we receive True Wisdom, or Peace, Light and Love.

Ground Art Mt A.jpg

As with every  New Year we celebrate, we are given a Golden Opportunity to not only see but make another leap towards our True Freedom.

The Freedom which has no concept of fear or limitation.
The Freedom which denies lack as a means of existence.
To Be Free Again as Sovereign Beings
Co-Creating a Divine Master Plan
Of Harmonic Balance and Graceful Existence

Yes, as I write these words I feel their energy… hoping that you will also, as you read them.
May you roll them around in your brains during these last days of December and ask yourselves what that might feel like.

You are all that Self, now looking out from your eyelids…
May you also hear a message in your Hearts that encourages you to Let Go of all that no longer needs repeating and set yourselves free..