Bumper stickers

This is a collage of the messages I was given shortly after my NDE by those at the time I called my Angels. I had no money, no steady job and was on the dole, yet I was guided to create bumper stickers with them.
A recovering alcoholic who had just been homeless after being married for 20 years and ending up divorced and bankrupt.

Somehow it happened and of course everyone thought I was crazy. That was 24 years ago!

I had produced a few and went about trying to get small shops to take them on consignment; obviously there weren’t many takers. Yet in one small bead shop I met a woman named Crowfeather who told me to come back and speak to her friend and partner Greywing.

Greywing eyed me over and asked me to hold out my hands and for Crowfeather to place hers on mine. She then introduced me as Riverman whom she had been waiting for, to appear to her. I didn’t really understand this at the time but she continued to explain… feel the energy that flows like a river from his hands and do not be afraid.

I still have some of the originals and as I look at this collage my emotions are charged with the Love I have for those wonderful beings who guided me through all the changes.

It is part of the story of my return to Life

Black are our total neglect of Spirit
Red are our grounding floor level
Green are the path of opening our hearts
Blue are acknowledging our Divine Self

The last one that was produced is my calling card…