Photo by Robert Edward Stoney
An angel appears in the frozen wilderness
saying, “My child you are beautiful”
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1/31/11
Who but the angels in our midst
can lift us with their wings
and who can deny them their presence
May your angels always dance and sing
and bring you heavenly joy
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12/21/10
Photo by Maryse Neuvens
Lush greens and silent sentinels
a memory to be renewed come Spring
We sit now silent… bare,
cold, near frozen… waiting
to return
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 11/20/10


Photo by Robert Edward Stoney
Whose fingerprint rests
under the shadow of man
only that of the Creator

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1/2/2011

One more that was just written tonight while listening to this wonderful song 

The Xpression Of Love

the smile on your face
your  tender voice
the soft touch of your hand
these are the gifts
worth more than gold
priceless gems
treasures of a moment
that write on the heart
eternal messages of Love
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2/6/11