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Multi-Dimensional Flow

SHOW NOTES for my beginning of May talk on 5.3.19…

Let’s begin with the first card I pulled this morning…
Get into The Love Vibe
Let All Else Slide

Picture a river that is flowing gently and winding it’s way from a mountain top,
over rocks, through woodlands and meadows.
Each place it moves through presents an amazing difference in the energy it presents to the observer.


The second card is from another deck…
God’s Garden
I am a flower in the mind of God and I am rooted in (omitting His) Divine love.
The lilies of the fields are rooted in the earth, and their roots penetrate deep into the soil and receive nourishment. I am deeply rooted in the celestial oneness of the Protector and love is the nourishment I receive.

Morning Peace

So what does this all have to do with Multi-Dimensionality…

If any of you have had a rough week to start off the month of May do not be alarmed.
You are not alone!
We are each feeling both the flow of the Waters and the Earth holding us firmly rooted.

So we might say this is only 2 dimensions yet at the same time our minds are untethered and floating or skyrocketing into the Air.
All of which raises the Fire within us to levels which can be used to both our advantage or destruction.

Amazing energies, not times, we are living in right now.
Time is losing its grip as we open our Hearts to possibilities yet to unfold.
And so We find ourselves acting physically on one level while thinking on another and being able to observe it all from a completely different dimension of ourselves which is receiving communications from a totally unique aspect of Self which is beginning to become trusted as Our Higher Self.

All of this can be very challenging in the beginning… so for those of you who might be experiencing all this happening at the same time… just be gentle with yourself.
You are embarking on your evolutionary journey which cannot be explained in words.

Last night I wrote this message…
Within any final moment there is perfection.
An opportunity beyond reason.

2018-09-06 19.10.54

This morning was the moment I realized that We have moved into another opportunity to expand in what we would call our Divine Nature. This part of ourselves is beyond our ability to define or put in a neat little box of letters.

Much like the Water being absorbed by the Earth, then drawn up into the Lilies and once again released into the Air by the Fire of our Sun and always being a manifestation of Light moving through Aether

So if you are feeling a bit ungrounded or super sensitive just remember that the You is not just any one of those Elements but All Of Them and WE are learning now how to balance and work within ourselves as the Love Vibe letting all else slide and staying in balance.

So the last card this morning is The Tao from the Kuan Yin Oracle.

The Tao is always flowing, always nourishing life into creation, always presenting steps and always reminding us that we are perfection in this moment. You are being guided to relax and allow life to flow.

Beloved you are being invited into a more advanced spiritual classroom of the Soul. Sometimes we think that more advanced means more effort and yet in spiritual matters, as we mature, we become more able to stop attempting to control and direct from our more limited perspective and instead become open to receiving and being directed by higher forces which include our own Divine essence at one with the Source of all.

The challenge is not to try and force life to unfold according to our whims, but to grow in trust, wisdom, self-love and self-worth so that we become capable of surrender.

you are being asked to let go now, to relax and allow Life to do what it does, which is flow.

Life, the Tao, is more powerful than any obstacle.


Guide me. Restore me. I trust you completely. Your wisdom, love and joy lights my Path and the Way becomes easy for me. Om Mani Padme Hum.

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