A young boy was looked upon as sad and alone for he had no friends with whom to play. He was left to his own on the streets of a large city in which he felt so small and insignificant.
 As he played by himself he noticed that all of nature was inviting him to join in its celebration of beauty and that everywhere he went it surrounded him. Not only in the natural state of things but in the creations of mankind which rose up to emulate all the wondrous facets of Nature’s ways.

The trees and flowers, the squirrels and birds, even the fish in the river always seemed to notice him and would come and play. 

Those who did not understand him would look and say, “How sad this child is all alone?”
Yet he was in the company of those who showed him so much more than could ever be taught by them. 
Unaware of his onliness he felt a Oneness until somebody told him it was loneliness from which he then began to see separation.
Now some 60 years later he would say that the Love he felt as a child came rising up through the cracks in the concrete and pavement, through sandy spaces around the bricks on which he walked and kept him dancing in a world which others refused to see. So happy again to return to the simple wonder of it all!
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 8/8/11