The shifting of energies from one Age to another has begun and we are experiencing many physical and emotional memories as we get to re-look at how we have reacted to them in the past.
With that said I begin a new year in which many changes will occur as to how I let go of outdated beliefs and programming that will not serve either myself or the future generations of humanity.

It will be an adventure which I fully wish to undertake and will joyfully share with you all.

May each of you know that we will all go through this in some form and can help each other by remaining open to Love and allowing fears to flood and ebb and not drown in their stand.
cRb 2.3.13

      ♥       ♥          ♥                            

Leaving from port we set sail again

embarking on the long journey home…

though seas are rough at the very start

we look forward to smoother sailing

Our craft designed by the finest craftsmen
created here through traditional means

never fails in its designed purpose
unless neglected or misused

So let us hoist our flags in proud demeanor

as we pass alongside or move ahead

in the winds of change which propel us
broadcasting our unique talents to all

For here in a dimension of illusions

we navigate around a foray of obstacles

whose whole intent is one of distraction
to keep us off course… have us lose our way

Although battered and sometimes forlorn

a new breath clears the fog of frustration

and we look to the stars to correct our course

through the spyglass long ago left in the cabin

With an inner guidance undeterred

and the din of confusion not heard

we will soon arrive at the portal
where first we set out to go.

cRb 1.1.13

Opening our minds to drastic shifts in perception is certainly a key in the upcoming events that we will be moving through both individually and collectively.

Yes we are evolving and our practicing of surrender and letting go of old beliefs will certainly be of value now in this shifting of perception. Fear just like in the dreams will shift for it will have little value for us other than as an alarm clock to remind us to return to our wakened state.

I sense that focus and function will be experienced as it unfolds within us, as we are willing to allow it, so a constant balance of all perceived dualities with as little judgment as possible will be (for me) an opportunity to create the space of unfolding.

My analogy would be looking into the night sky and seeing both the stars and the blanket of darkness in which they appear and yet looking through and beyond them both, knowing that they are pinpoints in a much more extravagant evolving experience. I can choose to be content with them or open to all the unknown possibilities that they may or may not represent.
cRb 1.3.13

All that has led us to this marvelous point in our evolution needs to be reviewed.

This will be the preparation for the marriage of heart and mind where no separation will exist.

Call it Spring Cleaning if you will and get rid of everything that no longer serves to keep your mind and heart open.
cRb 1.5.13

As we Go On
sorting through
the never ending
always changing
experience called life

Smile from your heart

For the sum of a lifetime
is but the sound of laughter
from a small child
playing with stardust

cRb 1.6.13

In the balance of darkness and light we become aware of our radiance for without either we are blind.
cRb 1.6.13

1st Objective
cRb 1.14.13
While many are still experiencing energy spikes, I am challenged with a calm that is hard to explain to my ego which loved all the excitement. So this struck me with a renewed sense of synchronicity as part of our mission in our evolving.

If there is one constant message that keeps arising since the anchoring of energies on the 21st it has been this one. Everything is like a review in which I can observe past reactions and connections and then choose a better result that aligns with a new consciousness. It is as if I were casting the past into the wake of my forward expansion, knowing I will never see the same way again, as if all were just a dream.

cRb 1.16.13
Photographer Unknown

Where but in the mists of time
where the grayness rises to greet you
can we seize the opportunity
to shed the backpack of life’s burdens

As the fog erodes the snow and ice

here we are freed from the coverlet
of teachings and beliefs of limitation
which no longer serve humanity or Earth

This is the ascension of which I yearn
expanding the wonder of awareness
to encompass the thinner air of elevation
in which the freedom of diversity reigns

A wall of seemingly insurmountable fear

attempts to build itself to block our path
yet there will be no searching for a way around
nor any false prophet to advise or show us the way

We will sit and quietly, allow it to swallow

each and every question how or why
and as the illusions of life disappear into vapor
we become tethered no longer and rise.

cRb 1.21.13
There in the sunny but frigid breeze
wood smoke wafting lightly by
frosty breath mustache forming
the river still rises and falls with the tide.

cRb 1.27.13
One must lasso the self to keep from drifting away ~
yet with not so tight a grip that the Self is strangled.
cRb 1.28.13