It has been a while since posting last and I have pondered not doing this at all, yet something kept saying just leave it alone it is fine.

I still collect writings mostly on my desktop post it notes and then later copy/paste to word but my collection is now disorganized and sprawling though my hard drive in such a cluttered array that I get lost in its tendrils.

Just as I write this a message appears from my friend…

 “When in the lion’s den, become Daniel.”

And so I respond

I suppose we are much like Daniel, as was Jesus, unjustly persecuted as it would appear to others and ourselves at times, yet somehow never losing our faith in the only way possible to us at the time.

WE do have a very fine line which we walk and the abyss lies on both sides, deep into the Lion’s Den if you will vision it, yet many times we have fallen and been lifted by angelic or spirit beings seen and unseen. This is the path of the righteous and not to be confused with those who think they are right.

We must continue to follow that inner knowing which is unattached to the will of mankind but attuned to Nature and all of her wondrous energies.
Let us continue on then, in a calm reserve, knowing that the trials we may face are but small pebbles in a vast beach which will be worn down to fine sand, which in turn will produce the finest pearls from within the oyster.

© cRb 2013.4.1