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Abundance Of Love

Where is the Abundance of Love, we ask?

It is right here within us, waiting to be released.

It is the Love We Are and the Love We Give to everyone.
It is the Compassion We allow ourselves to feel for All who are suffering.
It is the moment we recognize our suffering and relieve it together.

May each of us tap into this precious Love flowing from our hearts
allowing it to seek all whose suffering cannot be hidden any longer

Let us remember that the Power of Love is not a second-hand emotion
nor is it a fairy tale or an imaginary drama

Love is Limitlessness, beginning simply with a smile
as it opens the doorway of our precious hearts to others

Allowing an unlimited flow of Unconditional Love
to be shared with everyone and then return
to the Abundant Universe for a constant flow.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 10.13.22
Written for the Global Heart Team