Art by Endre Balogh

Love all you see with humility
Live all that you feel with reverence
Know all that you possess with the heart of discipline.
With love… with love… with love
~ Hale Makua

Innocence is the space
between thoughts
where the beauty
of all creation
dwells …
May you return there often
cRb 6.3.13

…to J C
We can be free to choose our dream
and yet not remain in this 3d plane
cautiously picking each path we travel
with Light and Dark on either side
this we have come for, you and I
spinning now our webs of life
casting shadows against a wall
on which we seek for signs
remembering well the Love we are
the shimmering Light of those we left behind
as well as the truth which does not change


Sensing a more synchronous shifting of energies
in which we will have more freedom within
to accept and remember  our truth
with assistance from multiple sources now
seeing a time-lock having been aligned
in which an influx of Light has been
reintroduced into this plane of existence
that has been blocked by constructs
which are now no longer functioning
as a result of an overwhelming  response
of Humans recalibrating and undoing
the substrata of the paradigm

…to P S
And so when the Thunderbird calls
are we not to answer with our presence
standing awestruck in the din of its wings
resounding through every cell of our bodies

You have brought us now into its heart
filling us with energies of transformation
as bold and exciting as those
upon which your eyes have received

Each of us thank you and May the weather spirits always call your name.
cRb 2013

 …to L P J
And so the path from womb to now
well marked by heartbeats
written in words
spoken in time
has brought us once again
to celebrate you
May your river flow in refreshing movements
leaving us to visit in its swirling pools
that we all so love to come and bathe in
Happy Birthday _/♥\_


Today let us be One with the pollinators
Let us join with them in the world of the living
Where the destroyers of life are not welcome
cRb 7.11.13

The Seven Master Crystals are, Clear Quartz, Ruby, Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire, Emerald, Silver and Gold.
The Council of Seven are, Cry-El-o-el, Ru-Bast-el, Lazawardel,
NUN-el, Vert-el, Argen-tel-m and Au-rumel.

We are a race of storytellers and as I read this thread a story unfolds of how humanity gets  trapped in them.

Perhaps this issue is testing our ability to let go of stories and the beliefs we create around them.

We are now creating new ones which will overwrite the old; much like when we format and overwrite the hard drive on a computer. 

This does not invalidate the old stories for without them we would not have arrived here at this conjunction but it modifies the outcome of the energy we bring to this planet and are a part of.

Each of us as humans must be able to transcend the stories we have created in order to assist in bringing forth and proceed into the next dimensional vortex. 

cRb 7.12.13

The only 4 letter F word we should be offended by is FEAR…
cRb 7.17.13 

hallelujah be the chorus
reverberating through the quanta
each single cell
releasing pain to Joy and then we dance alone and yet in unison cRb 7.28.13

 And here is an older one I found…

The rest of the world is now beginning to take responsibility for the errors which have been thrust upon them unknowingly. As a collective of human beings they have a far reaching past like the indigenous peoples North America and many of us who are now connecting to our ancestral DNA see the horror which awaits in the future if it is not addressed.

There will be a battle on Earth unlike any other we have ever seen… it is about our existence and that of all living beings. We must maintain our heart sense and know that we are not alone in this and it will be our declaration of independence as Humans.

Our strength is in knowing that through Love not fear we will set it all aright. May Peace abide within each of you as we move forward and bring about balance once again.
cRb 5.20.13

Many Blessings to you all
Peace, Light and Love