Star of David by Jelena Mrkich 2013

My dear friends…

We have passed a point in the fold of time in which many of us are integrating energies which we don’t understand. This can be a very unsettling challenge to our roles in everyday life.

I have watched as I post more environmental articles and petitions and question where this is heading and to what end is it going to apply itself. Then an answer appears as plain as the nose on my face… no where! Yet I feel compelled to do it; perhaps for no other reason than to confirm it is really happening in this dimension of our existence.

It is my inner angst and frustration with the world of Humanity, that with all its combined intelligence both human and technical, wants to self destruct and take every living being with it.

The dreams in which I have seen and experienced it all are manifesting in many forms and there is a sense of having been there and done this many times before.

I know that I Am here to anchor Peace, Light and Love to the Gridwork of this marvelous Planetary Being we call Earth as we all shift our conscious awareness and transmute dimensionally, but damn it I get frustrated.

Today when I went for my Massage/Polarity Session I was to become forgiveness… yes become!

We come to the proverbial place of forgiveness a thousand times and then move on but this was somehow quite different, it was blissful. There were no buts or what ifs, no exceptions and really no specific person, place or thing at which to direct the forgiveness. It was no longer an ideal but a reality, an energy form unlike any I have ever experienced before.

May each of you come into that energy field at some appointed crossroads of your journey, if not already. 

Let us join our hearts and reflect it in our daily walk.