This morning as I was reflecting in gratitude, the words ‘Rising in Love’ sent me in search of the lyrics for the song, Awakening by Miten and Deva Premal.

I knew they would be a perfect match for yesterday’s Pink Rose taken in soft hazy light… so please enjoy as a token of my gratitude to each of you for Rising in Love along with me.

Miten And Deva Premal lyrics

We are awakening
To the calling of the mystic we
Are awakening
In the flowering of the heart
Everybody here melting into
Presence, overflowing
Rising in love
Om Shanti
Satchidananda om
Shanti Om
We are awakening
To a long forgotten memory
Dawn is breaking
Waves are coming in
Everybody here
Standing in wonder
Beneath the rain and the thunder
Rising in love
We are awakening
To this perfect imperfection
Celebrating in the oneness of it all
Everybody here
Part of each other
Sister and brother
Rising in love