1st Glance 3

Morning 1st Glance

Today’s first glance is very mellow in nature. The energy of aggravation has appeared to have settled down and there is a calm which permeates my senses. Perhaps it is an indicator that although we are being bombarded by energies which seem beyond our control we are actualizing our power of Self to balance it all.

How wonderful is that, when we can sit and know that we have a choice. Yes, we always have a choice!

As the beautiful Beings We Are, we have allowed the forces that are outside of us, to influence every action and reaction, to become impulsive. Impulsive is a strange word in ways that we have been taught to view it personally as being negative in nature…. so let’s redefine it.

Impulsive = acting or done without forethought.
Impulse = a driving or motivating force
Im = prefix variant of in = having an intensive or causative function
Pulse = a single vibration or short burst of sound, electric current, light, or other wave

So we have just gone from a reactionary understanding of the word impulsive to hopefully one that opens the door for choice. Where we can see that just by definitions our impulsiveness is also our energetic blueprint acting in accord with a source other than the thinking mind and innate in us all.
This simple shift in how we think about the words we use and how they have been used, to program a response from us, is very important now in these days of evolving consciousness.

Choose carefully, the energy with which you interact with all of life. Let it come from your hearts rather than your programmed minds, let it flow from the pure stream of Awareness rather than the polluted river of thought.