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Love Yourself

A sunset and words from Leo Buscaglia seem appropriate for this edition of my Thoughts and Words outpouring.

Yes, we are indeed in need of Self Love and Forgiveness these days and find that in the chaos of our times we are now finding a sense of hopelessness blanketing the smiles and laughter of so many of our loved ones.

The rapid increase in falsity of information and acceptance of it as normal is destabilizing even the solid earth we walk on.
Well perhaps I exaggerate a bit, however it certainly inspires us to find a deeper part of ourselves to bring about grounding and stability.

So as I write I pulled a card from A Course in Miracles which reads as follows…

The Holy Spirit guides you into life eternal,
but you must relinquish
your investment in death,
or you will not see life
though it is all around you.


So with that thought here is what was captured coming through me as Riverman over the last 9 days.

Each of us are going to continue to move into new relationships, be they personal or business. The old ways of embracing them are dissolving however and we must be very alert as to where we step along the new paths we take. The wise person will know when to listen to all the signs and signals that trigger old patterns or feel not quite aligned with who they truly are and will take the time to pause before committing fully.

This is not judgment or lack of self-confidence. It is learning to walk a tightrope in high winds.

WE Are Alchemists and True Masters whose Sovereignty is not to be compressed and hidden any longer within the constructs of a dense matrix paradigm. Our alignment with Elemental Nature and our unification within that compound structure is key to the transmutation of all that holds us within the program codes.

Good Friday
Thank YOU for being here NOW!
Let us all let go of the larger plan knowing that somehow we all are an important piece in its unfolding.

When We wake up each morning and say thank you for this one day we have to share with all of Life, it changes the frequencies through which we perceive.

It doesn’t mean that the fault lines of human experience will cease to threaten us but we will become more aware of how to not let them affect us so deeply.

It is then we can realize Peace within ourselves and radiate it without even thinking. Herein we change “our way of being” and all who encounter us will have to choose love or pain in that instant.
There is an inner freedom that needs to be released and it is carried in Lightness and Upliftment. Let us rejoice at this moment of Inner Freedom no matter how small it may be. It is in this slightest breeze which we rise and move into new understanding of the Joy of new perception.

The word Hope comes through as we gather the strength within us to face all that is being presented to us.

Our Presence here at this time within the dimensions represented is to be celebrated as our Release From Bondage.

WE are no longer held to old contracts of bondage which serve just a few but free to be the White Crane which brings Light to dispel the darkness.


Within the ever-expanding Divine Self
Gathering in a Unity of humanly undefinable proportions
We are emanating forth now to share Our Shining Presence
One Peace – One Light – One Love

Inhaling and Releasing with each and every breath we are kept in a flow of balance which never ceases to allow us Life.
In the most simplistic of forms we become truly innocent and intentional simultaneously. The inner and outer journey are but indistinguishable except by direction of flow yet they are One Breath.

HOPE is the Light Energy which casts out all shadows.

Somewhere in the stellar vastness of ourselves
We yearn to create our likeness on the living canvas
contrived or by supreme injunction our human activity
becomes visibly present mimicking our star-seed origins.

Let there be Self Worth in abundance and a deeper knowing of how much Your Love is the true catalyst for Miracles

4.16 – Easter
I was awakened and arose at 3:33 this morning to review and address this past week.
Finding only one misalignment, I corrected it and began to reflect on how we all have been embraced by the Light of the Christ through Jesus.
The hopelessness into which humanity has been thrown can be transcended as it is only a dark and heinous illusion.
Resurrection is The Light of the Christ which returns us to the Source of our creation.

4.16 – Easter
In these days of Falsity we are beginning to accept that truth can be as much of an illusion as any other value we have held as a banner under which to gather.

All that which comes from within the core of our Hearts and connected to the Source of our Creation cannot ever be separated.

It can however be misaligned and distorted to represent the will and desires of humanity in its selfish agenda to become a controlling force of power.

My words of 3 years ago…
Can we ever know Truth through words…
Can we ever be satisfied with an explanation…
I would alter today…
Let us experience Life through our Hearts…
WE can never ‘be satisfied with an explanation’
WE can never ‘know Truth through words”

♥ I Love You ♥ I Thank You ♥ I Bless You ♥


Can we remember when the world around us was so filled with wonder.
Can we remember when we trusted all who appeared before us without judgment
Can we remember that we and every one we meet has had many moments in which their innocence was shattered and are now living with shards of energy that are painful.

May we each find the courage within us to face those moments and release them so that the New Children can recognize us.
I See You…