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Today we  arose to greet another day of balanced light and dark here in the northern hemisphere.

The picture above is of the Little River in York, Maine which is a tiny nondescript trickle of water that finds its way to the ocean and is appropriately named.

I accidentally found this River even though I had crossed over it hundreds of times as a result of my wanting to Bless all the rivers that reach the ocean in Maine.

To my back as I take this picture there is a cement spillway that runs under the street and opens to the ocean. The water doesn’t reach the spillway due to a drought which has lasted for the entire summer here in Southwestern Maine.


As you can see in this picture there is no water spilling into the ocean from Little River. Of course the ocean is far less concerned as the tides rise and fall without fail.

So today we are reminded of balance that is beyond our control.

Yes, somehow there is balance even though it may not appear in ways that are as equal as the daylight.
There are many times when the ocean reverses the procedure of flow and comes up over the cement and fills the mouth of the Little River.

I’m reminded that even without my intentional Blessings or without my knowledge of existence we all are part of the whole. We all move in rhythms and cycles which have been established long before our creation and will remain to be forgotten many years from now.

For the moment however, WE can choose to remember how wonderful it is to be a part of it ALL.

Happy Equinox