1st Glance 2

Morning 1st Glance

OK so my Morning 1st glance today is about GMO’s, yesterday it was the political scene.

What is amazing to me is how we can wake up feeling grateful, embracing the day, even doing a little Sun Gazing and be in harmony with life. This is in spite of what the world collective is doing to us day in and day out.

How powerful is that, when we can take all the negative energy and transmute it back into Peace, Light and Love. It does not mean that we ignore it or just pretend it isn’t happening but to look at it and feel it, but not allow it to diminish us or our true potential for happiness.

Where does this come from but within our own presence. Many we encounter cannot do this and become ill in many ways, worn down by the constant barrage of poisonous thinking and food.

This is why many of us are here and more are waking up, to assist in showing each other that standing in your true power is the only way to overcome adversity.

Take a moment to reflect on the fact that your perceived reality is still a perception, a creation that is held within the dimensions of an illusion. The more you focus on that perception you will not access harmony and balance.

Be still, notice your energetic connection to the planet, to the Sun or Moon. Realize your place within their individual energy fields and recognize your own energy is as intense as each of theirs. This is your power, you are as cosmic and as divine as what you are perceiving, a manifested creation of Light Energy in the 3rd Dimension, now go and Be it.