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There are moments when we need to break out of our routines and redefine our interface with the world. So with all the chaos and energy that is flying around the globe we have an opportunity to do exactly that… take advantage and move into newness.

I have had a facebook page for 5 years and a blog page for at least 3 without checking exactly and have kept them each as individual entities yet sharing the blog with my facebook friends who may be inclined to appreciate it.

The blog is my sanctuary as most of us here respect the efforts each make in producing and sharing our passions. So with that said, I have created a page on facebook which will also be a sanctuary and it is named Peace Light Love Energy for those who might so be inclined to visit.
Here is the link:   facebook.com/peacelightloveenergy

I will be sharing my blog posts there as well as parts of my journey which resonate with the four words in its title. It will be much less dramatic and more peaceful than my hectic facebook page in light of all the chaos that is happening around the globe. So please drop by sometime and give a holler or share it with friends who spend time on facebook as a quiet spot for reflection much like this blog is.

People ask me if I’m on twitter and the answer is no. The reason being that I can spit things out faster than my ability to think rationally about them, when they trigger me. I wish I had a dollar for every post on facebook I’ve clicked out of before posting and deleted after hitting enter.

I enjoy you all and please know that I send each of you the energies of
Peace, Light and Love.
Many Blessings