Arriving into this dimension
traveling from afar
a distant recollection
of Peace and Light and Love
fades as time creates space

And so the sweet remembrance
of carefree moments
when the do’s and don’ts
belonged to someone else
is but the innocence
We arrived here with

And then We began
to take upon ourselves
the energies of those around us
casually and without knowing

And We left behind
the charm and magic
seen and felt everywhere
not having a clue as to why

And years later in looking back
we somehow feel a sadness
that the We became them
the separated and the lost

And once again
in the last breaths
of our journey here
we will return home
after all else fails
to lift us any higher

To Love
To Purity
To Balance
To Innocence

~cRb 4.23.15
Photo is of me taken by my father Rudy 66 years ago, an amateur photographer like myself except he would develop them in the bathroom. Thank you Dad.