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In our Hearts we rise
like the morning Light
which serves the world
embracing each other
in concentric circles
and colored vibrations
which fill the vessel
from which we all
drink in Harmony and Unity

Daybreak Blessings from York, Maine
 11.25.15 Charlie Riverman Bergeron

As I opened my facebook page this morning I was facing this photograph and writing which someone had tagged me with. I was Gobsmacked!

There is so much to be thankful for in my life and the kindness of others is one of the most precious.

It is in the smallest of actions
that sometimes the greatest
Thanks Giving
can make us sit in wonder
at how precious all of us truly are.

The shift in each of our hearts from fear to love is sometimes a very deep struggle for many of us, in which much pain has to be released before we can fully actualize it.
This Is Thanks Giving!

Glimpses of ourselves living and respecting each other and committing to bring about change for the good of all.
This Is Thanks Giving!

Finding a balance and harmony that not only flows and carries us but literally lifts us to new heights of self love and appreciation.
This Is Thanks Giving!

Thanks Giving is what we are to celebrate every day. Not just about one moment in the human history which was falsely recorded to reflect and glorify a sense of gratitude.

So lets us now repair the falsity and exaggerated drama,
which surrounds the days we have chosen,
to be a reminder of what we are to be and do everyday.

Thanks Giving is everyday when we truly live from our hearts.
It is then transformed into Thanks Living!

Let us celebrate Thanks Living everyday!

Let us pour Love forth from our Heart of Hearts
to lift each other, fill each other,
embrace each other in the utmost respect
as the amazing beings we truly are
created to experience evolution
while existing on a sentient planet
in this Macroverse of living energy

And so the answer to the title question is no…
Everyday is Thanksgiving when We are Thanksliving

May your Living reflect Your Loving!
May Your Loving empower your Living!

Peace, Light and Love
Charlie Riverman Bergeron