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Valentines Day 2019.png

How wonderful our lives can be when we step outside of our comfort zones.
Especially on a day we celebrate together as a remembrance of Love.

Love sometimes makes us feel very vulnerable because we have been asking our whole lives to be seen as the Love We Are. Yet those who were to see it, found it too much to bear as the mirror of themselves. And so, we closed off our hearts ever more deeply, with every incident of rejection

This message came through me today as I opened every cell of my body to not only receive Loving Energy but to share it as well in a process of undefined co-creation.

When the word could not be found to express the density of what I was feeling I was offered “Tangible”
Upon which I replied not just tangible but Edible.

Yes, it was so real that I knew that I was embracing the Divine SOUL Food which sustains my True Presence.

May each of you find a deeper relationship within your own hearts and unlocked the gateways and doors which restrict and starve you of Your True Essence… Love.