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2016_03_11_chases pond 

F orever
A scending
M atriculating
I ncubating
L iving
Y earning

WE have been taught that family is just related to our siblings, parents, grandparents and never look beyond that concept.

However, when WE begin to understand more about the larger collective of souls here on this beautiful Mother Earth we begin to understand the nature of the family of HU-manity.

S ource
O f
U nconditional
L ove

It is time now to remember that Greater Family which is beyond the visible and dwells within each of us, regardless of all attributes of physicality.

Now moving in joyous synchronicity towards unification, defying separation and restoring Perfect Peace, Light and Love into all of life.

The Breath of Life becomes the River of Life which will gather in ponds and lakes on its return to the Ocean of our Existence as it was in the beginning and as well for evermore.

cRb 3.19.16