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2016_03_29_1188_cRb Morning Sunrise 3.29.16 York, Maine

I was triggered this morning by a political meme and as much as I do not wish to play in that energy, it is sucking the life out of all of US.

Yes, WE are being played as if WE were pawns in a chess game and the Kings and Queens have millions of US to play with.

The wonderful news is that each of US are awakening to OUR truth,
which is that WE are sovereign beings,
WE have a choice that changes the world and the history of humanity,
when WE unite as a collective through OUR ability to choose.

The choice WE make for today
is the road WE will take to the future
is the everyday of OUR children and their children.

The choices… are clearly aligned for each of US to see the separation within OURselves.

WE are being called to heal the wounds of thousands of years of the hatred, mind control, and the economic corruption… there are no saviors.

WE are voting for the future of humanity not just this moment…
WE will move forward by preparing the world for the future generations…
this is OUR choice… not just an election.

WE are ONE FAMILY that has been given the name HUMANITY and WE now have the greatest challenge of our history since we chose separation…
To return to harmony and balance!

Let US choose Unity rather than Separation
so that the wounds of OUR ancestors may be healed
and the future generations will know
that THEIR ancestors chose to stand up in THEIR HONOR.

cRb 3.29.16