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First I would like to wish each of you a very Blessed Day of Full Moon.

At 1:11 pm today here in York, Maine I pulled this card and it fit so nicely with a message I had saved to read tonight at the Reiki Meditation Group I co-facilitate.



I AM Master Of My World

Excerpt from The “I AM” Discourses, Saint Germain

When the individual says “I AM”, he is using the Creative Attribute of the Godhead and announcing Creation at his particular point in the Universe.

The vibratory action of the Word “I AM”, either in thought or spoken word, is the Release of the Power of Creation; and whatever quality follows that Decree is instantly imposed upon the electronic substance in the ethers. This being the only substance and energy in existence whose nature is to be qualified in some manner, it must outpicture the pattern within the Decree.

If the Decree be always for Perfection, then the experiences in the individual’s world express the Fullness of the Plan of Life; but if the individual does not send forth that Decree, it is impossible for that Perfection to outpicture in his experiences until the Decree is released into the ethers in which he lives.

Every individual can think Perfection at every instant, if he only will, and it takes no more substance and energy to build Beautiful, Perfect Forms and Experiences than it does the imperfect; but if the individual wants this Perfection expressed in his own world, he must use his own energy to utter the Decree which will release that Perfection unto him. Such is the Law of his Being.

I AM master of my world. I AM the victorious intelligence governing it. I send forth into my world this mighty radiant, intelligent energy of God. I command it to create all perfection—to draw to me the opulence of God made visible in my hands and use. I Am no longer the babe of Christ but the master presence grown to full stature and I speak and command with authority.

FEEL that you are the only authority in this world or any other so far as your world is concerned. You are the supreme authority in your world.

I AM the mighty magic circle of protection about me that is invincible and repels from me every discordant thought and element that seeks to find entrance or intrude itself. I AM the perfection of my world, and it is self-sustained.

I AM the visible presence of those beloved ascended masters whom I wish to have appear here to me and whose assistance I desire.

I AM the supremacy of man everywhere I go! I AM God in action.

May Many Blessings Unfold as you Create from the Center of Your Heart