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April Full Moon

Even though we are all hunkered down wherever we are around the world…
Our Universe continues it’s cycles with very few changes than it has for millennia.

How perfectly safe We are as the collective human experience, in spite of the spreading fears which are being exacerbated as a pandemic .

We all will  experience this discomfort in one way or another even if our physical bodies do not completely fail.

So today as I rest in the Glory of Life, as it has always been since the very first humans,
I offer an opportunity for you to tap into how magnificent each of you truly are.

We are safe here within Our Heart
quietly acknowledging every emotion
as it arises to be noticed anew…
as labels that We have been given

Notice in the midst of all this energy
that We are becoming more the observer
than the affected human being
and that Our True Light is now shining

Our physical presence is communicating
that it is only a physical container
not who We truly are or ever have been
as it relaxes deeper into the quiet

Light and Love overcomes the thinking mind
influenced by the messengers of fear
which plague us like swarms of locusts
devouring the Memory of Our Divine Self

Today in the Full Moon Energies
there is a gift from the Heavens
a very tiny message of Awareness
which asks you to remember who YOU are

To remember what it means to be You
without fearful concerns, no anxieties
perfectly calm and compassionate
throughout your human experience

For this is Your True Power
Your Sacred Self
That cannot be altered by fear…
it can only have its Sacred Energy stolen

Come back into Your Fullness and Glory
like the Moon which shines so brightly
in both the daylight and the dark of night
To remind us that All Is Well

May You be Well In All Your Thoughts and Actions
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.7.20