Mia and I have never met in person yet we have been friends for many years through our writings…
It is time I share her work with the world here on my own blog as she speaks to what we are all experiencing on many levels from Her Heart.


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This is where were at
The Universe means Business
Everything that is Not Light
Shall be Transformed
We Are to Return to the Love that we Are
We are Powerful Co Creators wth the Divine
Anything that comes up for you
You can successfuly Transmute into Light.YES
You Are That Powerful
It is time to Recognise and Own your Power
Rise above any disturbance
Breathe deeply
Into it
And infuse with Light
Ask the Divine to help you do so
You have Full Support upon request and Deliberate Intention
These times are intense for a reason
See through the veil of illusion
Of anger, pain and despair.
Look straight into the eye of that which is challenging you for the umpteenth time
Stand Tall
You are no longer a victim
You never were
You are a Powerful Being
Be Still
Tune Inwards
Deep within is your Source
Connected to the…

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