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Christmas Morning 2019

Around the world there are moments which have brought us all to question everything in our lives.
Today is one of them, whether or not you are a believer in the Christian Faith.

For me it is easy to believe in the birth of a Savior, whose name has been taught to me as Jesus.

In my first awakening this morning I was greeted by 333 as the numbers on my clock. The number of the Master Teachers.
My gratitude was overwhelming as I felt the energy of this message today, which also represents the 28th year of my sobriety.

I was reminded one more time, that everyday I awaken is a gift I have chosen,
not just for myself but for All Life and the Evolution of Humanity

…My Christmas Story…
It was 2 months after my drunken death and return to life in a motorcycle accident.
I was broke and still drinking with no purposeful meaning to life.
Deeply wallowing in self pity, after being homeless and having lost everything in my material life through divorce and bankruptcy.

Yet in all of this insanity My Beloved Soul Mate took another chance to invite me to her home for Christmas with her family.

The accident and my return from death had not stopped my alcoholic behavior and so on Christmas Eve I was again intoxicated beyond any limits of civility.

I did have a moment of Divine realization which went through me like poison. To have me feel the violation I had committed, through my behavior to My Beloved’s Divine Gift of sharing Christmas with Her.

The pain of this admission of my selfishness and ignorance was too much to accept and I could not bear it.
In my anger and shame I cried out to Jesus, on a stairway as I was leaving and screamed

“Jesus, If you are real, then take this from me or let me die again.”
Words, I will never forget.

So for me the Miracle became…
I have not had a drink for 28 years without any urge or suffering of withdrawal.
I have spent these 28 years with my Beloved in Peace, Light and Love.
Enjoying every moment that Life has offered through Her and Her family which is now mine as well.
Sharing my Heart with All who are sincerely seeking their Highest Self and even those who are not able to understand what that means.

My Christmas Miracle carried forward is the Presence of My True Self
and the ability to share this morning’s Light with you All

Much like the picture of this morning’s Sun
rising over the Atlantic Ocean through the clouds.

The Blessings that I offer to ALL Today are

To Know that in your darkest moments you are always heard,
That no matter what you have done or what the outcome may be, You Are Loved
That when we surrender fully to Our Divine Light, ALL That We Are Is Available
And Please Remember that Everything flows in the direction
of the Light We Shine Outward from Our Hearts.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.25.19