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Riverman Blessing the York River for the Full Moon on 10.16.16

Trusting Yourself has been a theme this week for many people I talk to and this morning a blog article I posted on facebook was addressing this issue as well.

My own interpretation is that the energies of the Earth are shifting at such great rates that we are sometimes feeling overwhelmed by things we thought we had already moved beyond. Some days we are finding ourselves somewhat lost in our own shirt and shoes.

The article triggered a response from a friend who synchronistically awakened with same theme that I also have been pondering for over a week now.

With her permission I share each of our perspectives as we spontaneously move into resonance with each other.

KN : )… I woke up today with the theme of trust on my mind. Always love the synchronicity of subjects by which we are moved to inspire ourselves each day.

RIVERMAN… Trusting ourselves has come up more than I like to admit and nice to know it is not just me 
KN : )… It’s a work in progress, certainly so, new levels of doubt triggered by the observation of a world still reflecting increasingly painful circumstances of both current and past fears, allowing opportunities to heal those deeper levels of our beliefs in powerlessness or illusions so to restore deeper levels of our power through the release of control in exchange for trust. Always easier said than done at times at this point, of course.

So, no, my friend, you are not alone in that way or in anyway for that matter, in this journey of transformation we have embraced. : ) We are connected to inspire one another through it by sharing our personal challenges and the inspirational pathways we blaze through them, not to pretend we don’t have these challenges of further strengthening ourselves through the chaos of shifts and change, and so we WILL find our way through it.

No question about that, though it does feel and look questionable at times, especially as we observe this pipeline situation and all the reflections of powerlessness it embodies screaming for the release of both personal and collective fear on every level in every way.

 RIVERMAN… So well said and finding our way indeed…
I’m reminded of many walks in the woods where we lose sight of the familiar trail.
Our confidence is strong at first and as we wander, the external light becomes less radiant and the shadows grow much longer.
Here we are called upon to reach within and embrace our own Light.
Our eyes see many negative energies lurking and we lose our sense of purpose and orientation.
Sending this message to the mind that we are on the edge of becoming lost, our trust begins to wane.
We know we are being called to rest and listen, but can we dare to listen to that still quiet voice amongst all the furor.
Yes we must!
For only then will the true path and location, of our exit from the rising and controlling fear be seen clearly.
Trusting ourselves once more and grounding that into the Earth beneath our feet, we regain our strength and move forward.
Knowing we were never really in danger, except to fluctuating circumstances which change directions like the wind.
Perhaps they are all a part of a Grand Design, not perceivable yet, to our ever evolving self.
Perhaps as well, intentioned by ourselves, to promote and remind us of the Powerful Beings WE Truly Are

Original Article which inspired this conversation…
Shanta Gabriel…  Trust in Yourself and Trust in the Angelic energy working through you. Inspiration for the Week – October 16, 2016