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Yes you may all have heard of what is commonly called Near Death Experiences.
Well I Am one of those who have died and returned
and today is my 25th anniversary of that
amazing and blessed event.

There are many books now of those who share their stories and great studies of so many who volunteered to be part of several studies by researchers. I however chose not to.
No, I chose to experience it and not allow others to interpret or program my thinking to what it is according to someone else.

I Am still experiencing it and can share with all honesty that each of you are eternal beings.
Whether you want to believe it or not.

A little background info…
I was an alcoholic and had just been homeless by choice and actually on a suicide mission although I wasn’t consciously aware of it at the time.. I had gotten divorced, had to file bankruptcy due to the divorce and lost relationship with my only my daughter with whom there has never been reconciliation.

So back to the story of my death…
It began on a Saturday, on an exceptionally warm day when I pulled my bike out of storage and went for a ride. It was a 67 Triumph custom chopper which was my escape from reality.

I had a habit of bar-hopping on my bike; cruising to several Biker Bars for a beer and chatting up with whoever you might run into.
That would have been fine but at the last bar there was word of a bar in my town closing that night and it would be a big party … all you could eat and drink for short money.
Well I’m all in for that since there was very little of those opportunities in my life at this point.
I’ll save the details for another story someday as this is a day of remembering and gratitude.

This was what I looked like the day after my motorcycle accident on 10.20.1991.

It was Sunday when I returned to my body and the Doctor in the hospital welcomed me back
with a sarcastic remark, although quite apropos at the time. “Welcome back Mr. Bergeron  we see you have decided to return! I guess we will finish picking the gravel out of your skull and sew your ear back on.”
I however was not so accepting of his wit, replying, “Knock your socks off Doc!”

Needless to say the next remembrance was a nurse arriving and asking if I thought I could get myself dressed. Being the stubborn macho male I was I said yes and did it. However to this day I cannot remember how I could have done that with all the pain I was in.

When she returned she asked if I had anyone I could call for a ride home and I thought of the only friend I had at the time, my neighbor Jack who had been trying to help me get my act together and turn my life around.
When he arrived he looked at me and said, “They can’t release you!” and went over to the desk to see if I was trying to pull a con. You see, Jack had been and was now a recovering alcoholic as well and was trying to get me to into AA and he knew all the cons that people could and had played.

Nope, they were releasing me… of course they were… I had no insurance!

This picture on my wall is not Jack but it so resembles him that when I saw it I had to buy it.
He was with me and said what do want that picture for and I laughed and never told him. I knew that one day he would not be in my life and I wanted to always remember how much he had done for me.
I’m crying right now as I type this. Bless you Jack Man wherever you are!
Wow I didn’t expect that.

Jack was a Gunny Sgt in the Marines with a tour of Korea and 2 tours of Vietnam and told me he couldn’t take care of me that I needed 24 hr care. He was right I was a big mess … no broken bones but one painful body that could barely move.

Needless to say I’m still here and writing this and as I healed the physical wounds I had to deal with the issues of a completely new way of seeing the world I was in.

You see when I died and left my body… I remember looking down at myself on the ground all banged up and a cop was asking me for my license and information and I was responding to him as best I could. However the real I, was viewing it like a movie , no pain, no feelings of emotion and moving further away until the vision disappeared.

My next remembrance was that I became Pure Peace, Pure Light and Pure Love.
There is nothing in this human life existence that can truly describe it. It was perfection on all levels.
However I did not stay there, although I could have very easily.

I was called out of that wholeness where I met with etheric beings which I don’t try to describe but allow people to imagine for themselves as they can appear as anything that you will feel comfortable to speak with and we discussed my life as in a review and the why and wherefores of that lifetime. Yet I was given a choice to return or not.

I chose to come back but with some conditions which we discussed at length.
My brain and memory was to be altered so that I could not use it in the same way as before. That I would know whatever I needed when it was appropriate to my purpose and if not, to accept it was not necessary at that moment.
That I would never forget my purpose this time.

My purpose is to be of service in anchoring the Peace, Light and Love that I was, and which had now been imprinted in my physical mind and body, into the Earth and All Life Forms  that I encountered.

And so with that thought I Am Complete…img_01961
I Bless each of you on this day
with that
Divine Peace, Light and Love
of my Experience
May you know in your Hearts
How much you are Loved
and that
You Are Eternal
not as humans
but as Souls

S ource
O f
U nconditional
L ove

Charlie Riverman Bergeron