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A flowing response to a message from Grandmother  AH’LU’SH’Mah through KA’ryna SH’ha
as I sat quietly and listened…

We have come, gathering and flowing
from the heavens into density
Dancing into the vortex of all creation

Sitting now in the midst
of both the words and the vibrations
of our hearts from which All flows

Each of us from beyond space and time
Each of us bearing gifts of distinction
Each of us containing the codes of creation

Present now and activating
individually and collectively
embraced by the Water we Are

Water Beings returning to Earth
As once before in ages past
some will lead, some will follow,
some will hold space and energy

Transmuting through Love and Light
of the Highest Divine Order
connected and extending
through our Councils of Light

From where in Blessed Communion
We remember and embrace our Divine Purposes
Co-Creating now in Balance and Harmony

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.7.16