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On the last Sunday of each month I am scheduled to talk with Grandmother Allayah on our show entitled, Elders Speak:Heart to Soul Talks, which is a segment of her OMTimes Radio – Circle of Hearts Show.  However, for the last two months we have not been able to connect due to technical challenges which have arisen at the last moment before airtime.

This year we started off with 2 talks on Choices and we were feeling a great energy about the year and the importance of being able to make choices through better discernment.
Little did we know the amount of changes which would occur, both to ourselves and to the world around us.

So as this show would be the last one of this year we felt a call to revisit and share some of our own choices and how both of us could recognize dramatic changes within ourselves and in how we related to the world around us as result. When the show failed to emerge we calmly accepted the outcome and had a lovely chat with each other on a more personal level sharing deeper changes which we would not feel very comfortable making public yet are seen by others in us without really knowing the backstory.

I made the comment on social media that I would write something here on my blog and the Title would be, To Be … Not To Be.
Interesting how I was guided to omit the “or” which would have been Shakespeare’s words as written in Hamlet. Nor did it ever cross my mind until I sat here and typed it out.

Perhaps it is because there is no “or”, except to a mind which does not trust the position it holds within the human body and creates the drama of opposition.

I shift a bit now and talk about my own observations as I made choices this year. The most important being that of the ability to observe myself making them.
So who or what is this observer of our choices?
Is it a neurosis which needs attention or are each of us finally choosing, “TO BE”, that which we are, beyond life and death.

For some of you who are experiencing this it may feel a bit strange at first but this is a very distinct process taking place within each of us. We are healing or correcting if you prefer, modifying or transmuting,  our genetic predisposition to separation.

As I write this it is much like our show, i never know where it will actually lead but I trust that it will come though my heart and not my head as the True Self allows it to flow.
(Hence the choice of the picture above)

We are evolving as a species which is locally labelled humanity. Because the planet we live on is evolving as well as the universe within which it resides is evolving, so too must we all… Therefore our way of choosing has to evolve as well.

We are actually beginning to see how our mind (that which regulates or not, our thinking processes) through which we discern our existence as did Shakespeare, is only a functioning body part which responds to who… WE Truly Are.
None of which are new concepts. The only difference is that the center of presence “WE” is shifting from our heads to our hearts.

So back to choices… are we actually choosing this? For some the answer is yes.  Those who  are now choosing from their Heart Center are actually just aligning their energy and intentions with becoming whole again.
Unified, not separated between head and heart, with the mind processing the information under the direction of heart

To Be … is a choice of the Heart
Not To be… is not a choice but the outcome of not choosing