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Winter Sun

As WE head toward Winter Solstice here in North America it is important to focus on Light.

WE are not to forget that even the smallest candle flame is a representation of this Light which has been the center of celebration throughout humanity’s conscious journey here on Earth.

In our world today, much like at other times in our evolution, we are seeing darkness and fear rise into greater proportions and take its toll on the sanity of our species.

What invariably happens is that WE begin to dismiss our Power and Presence. WE become focused on things outside of our ability to activate on an individual daily basis.

It never happened and never will, WE cannot become powerless, it is impossible.

Each of us has the innate ability to look for an opportunity to uplift or assist another human being everyday…

Be it a kind word, a smile, holding open a door for someone with a baby and arms full of packages.

It doesn’t have to be a life saving event but one that encourages hopefulness in the recipient.

Let us be the candle and say, come stand by me, feel my warmth and find shelter in my glowing presence.

Let us each represent the returning Light of Solstice, as children of the Sun, which never ceases in Her Divine Power to warm our hearts and bring us Hope.

Without that spark of hope however small, there is that sense of powerlessness, that gray overcast density that can only at best, hide the Light temporarily.

cRb 12.3.2015