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Dear little one

remember you are LOVE

flying in the depths

of your innermost Self

let us never forget again

the heights to which we can soar

or the depths into which we dive

for there is amazing beauty

which arises within us

as we set ourselves free

in the ‘Living Breathing Light’

~riverman 1.26.17

Everyday presentsĀ  opportunities to refresh and nurture our inner child.
The challenge for most of us is to somehow find the time to do that and be creative enough to make it last.

The energies that swirl around us as the world expands and contracts is very hostile at times. It threatens our sense of stability and presence… who we are and what we are doing.

Yet there is always a haunting memory that “once upon a time” we had no fear, no concerns… that we were innocent.

This photo of me taken by my father almost 68 years ago is very dear to me as I look at my innocence. Yes I had it as I lay there with my father recognizing his own innocence as he gathered his tripod and camera. Little did he know how precious he was in that moment but he caught a glimpse of it for a brief moment.

This is how we begin to recover from all that we somehow became defining in our lives. The defining which was placed before us and of which we drank until we forgot.

We were Peace before we were born
We were Light before we were born
We were Love before we were born
We are all that still…

AS “Living Breathing Light”

Spend some time remembering that you are precious and beautiful, that you are love beneath all of the chaos and that peace will arise in you as you remember.


PS… thank you to GrandMother AH’LU’SHa’Mah: “she who is at one with all universes in song, prayer and being” for the inspiration I received through her words “Living Breathing Light”