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Keeping It Real
As we embrace this New Moon and Chinese New Year we are called as well by the energies of change within us all.
2017 has begun to be a coming out party for millions who have been hidden within their own ideas of self.
This is a mass expansion of the Heart.

Allow the poem and photo of my beautiful Rhododendron remind us that reality is based on showing up, coming forth or being exploded into view.

The Flower cannot show us its beauty without the bush from which it extends…
there is no separation
The bush cannot remain and grow without the soil in which it is planted…
there is no separation
The soil cannot feed the bush without water or the sun’s energy…
there is no separation

We cannot embrace the beauty of the flower
or the New Moon or each other
without Showing Up
Keeping It Real
and Being in Unity
…there is no separation…
except in the mind
creating its own reality
an illusion of self grandeur
that denies the Heart