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It is sometimes quite interesting how our social media invites us to express ourselves.
We can choose from a variety of roles to play and dramas to get caught up in.
This month is about Love for me with a 28 Days of Love Alchemy group started by a friend and another from Good Of The Whole called the #LoveMore campaign.

Please feel the Love…

In every scar there is a story of endurance and perseverance.                    

Taking the long view the horizon becomes introduced by fields of possibilities.

Be careful how you define Freedom… for in a world of separation it cannot fully manifest.         

When we realize we are so much more than what we have been told… everything changes.

Let us find the racism and prejudice
within ourselves first
asking ourselves
where it came from

Let us forgive ourselves first
for taking on this energy
passed down to us
from ancestors

and see the world of possibilities
that arise as a result
of Diversity                             

Our ancestors are asking us to remove the traumas that are frozen in crystalline form which have created suffering so that they may be free again.                

So many are thirsty and It is through the roots that we drink of the waters. You are no apprentice here nor are any of us! Yet we are all re-calibrating to new frequencies and deeper resonance with each other.                                                                                          

Deep within our hearts

there is a tunnel that never ends
It dissolves all illusions                                                                 

Can we find Love in the midst of chaos? Yes!!!
Love is within us waiting to be expressed and does not recognize chaos.                              

Let us manifest through our hearts
Let us transmute the energies which are dense
into the updrafts on which we will soar                                                                               

As the East Coast of America moves farther away from our Solar Presence and we move easily into the Heavens revealed to us by the Stars…
Let us breathe deeply into the consistency of this cycle,
(wherever you are)
reminding us of the perfect rhythm of Yin and Yang

Upon awakening let us dance in the Light in thankfulness for Joy is a Blessing.  

I bow to you and pour forth Love,

open your Hearts and receive.                                                                               

Indeed …
the children will come
they will be born from the future
and we will Love them into Being

Many Blessings,