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Focusing of Love today as it is celebrated as Valentines Day is a wonderful and playful way to remind us us of what we need to do everyday.

From A Course In Miracles comes this wonderful message…

You have but two emotions, yet in your private world you react to each of them as though it were the other. For love cannot abide in a world apart, where when it comes it is not recognized. If you see your own hatred as your brother, you are not seeing him. Everyone draws nigh unto what he loves, and recoils from what he fears. And you react with fear to love, and draw away from it. Yet fear attracts you, and believing it is love, you call it to yourself. Your private world is filled with figures of fear you have invited into it, and all the love your brothers offer you, you do not see.
ACIM T, 248.5

From my heart comes this brief thought…

Where there is Love
all of Life unifies
Let us Be Love