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Bliss of Emptiness.JPG

Every moment we choose to let go
is responded to with freedom
Bliss cannot truly be perceived
it arrives quite silently
when we are empty

We live a lifetime of always trying to be something or do something.
Always creating layer upon layer of intentions as well as disappointments.

This “we” of the mind is always dismissing the truth of our hearts through its interpretations and calculations, which may be exciting but over time wearisome.

There is no longer any space within us to retreat to, stuck now, in a construct of our own making. Eventually our energy is drained and we become impaired in some manner. Even our deepest loving thoughts begin to fail at raising us up and we are lost in despair.

The mind begins to work even harder to bring about a transition, a resurrection of the heart and spirit. It only serves to create a deeper and more entrenched rut, from which our Light becomes more difficult to distinguish.

WE cry out that we only want a few moments of Peace, and the message comes… LET GO!

It is when we truly let go of all our concepts of how life should be, or what we desire, or what has happened in the past… that we begin to empty. To clear away the debris of our incessantly creating mind and begin to see our way to that silent, quiet place, deep within.

That space which cannot contain any forms for it is the source of our Self.
It is emptiness quantified, yet contains the energy of Peace, Light and Love.
It is Bliss!

It is in this Emptiness, when the mind has surrendered to the heart, that Bliss begins to gently appear and we are truly free.
Once again.