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Today at the top of Mt Agamenticus in York Maine looking over at the White Mountains of New Hampshire in the distance.
How wonderful it is to experience both the view and the fresh air of mid-winter.
A world of no words… yet completely understood.

As for words, Riverman has collected a few that were shared over social media this week and may you enjoy them as well.

Politics is the curse of humanity… it is the divide and conquer strategy which keeps us slaves to a system that is not sustainable any longer.

Where there is Love
all of Life unifies
Let us Be Love

Deep within the very core of our being there are sparks of energy, that are dancing in a field of resonance… it is each of us sharing Love without restrictions.

The world we imagine was corrupted long ago and this has always been the way it was always done. This imagined world is collapsing because it is no longer sustainable and it cannot move into the new energy. WE have witnessed this many times and this is why we are here now to hold the energy in balance.

The market is shrinking because people are not working… people are not working because the market is shrinking… this is unsustainable living created by greedy corporations and their elite.

All water is Sacred… it is a living environment upon which all other living forms emerge from.

Let us dare to be the truth, an undefined Self that sees through the falsity of illusion.

To truly love without conditions there can be no judgments, for judgment is separation.

Vibrating in a frequency of Love we move through it all, easily and effortlessly.

Many Blessings