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Trying to describe how we feel sometimes is a very challenging proposition. The word that comes to mind for me is Recalibration.

An amazing word to describe our life process when our vision gets blurry. Much like getting new glasses when our sight become a bit blurry. Our eyeglasses just need to be re-calibrated.

2017 has hit most of us right between the eyes… yes, in that 3rd eye chakra if you will!

Each of us is receiving a new vision and sense of purpose, working through so much, which no longer fits what that looks like. It is challenging us on so many levels and at the same time it becomes wearisome and begins to deplete our energies.

The picture I chose to play with was taken on an adventure last year to New Mexico. As I was walking to the airport from my hotel room I could feel the altitude affecting me. I was short of breath and my usual stamina and vigor was not responding to this very short walk.

I had to stop several times and regroup my energy to continue and this one shot was underneath a tree which became my temporary refuge. It reminded me of the neural network of our brains. Which at that moment was questioning why I chose to walk instead of get a cab.

The contrast between the shadowy branches and the morning light radiating on those with buds, is truly where we are right now in our evolution as a collective species named humanity.

It is up to each individual to re-calibrate now and many are either unaware or reluctant to change.

Recalibration will test us at all levels, for we can no longer utilize the same instrumentation that has guided us to this destination. It just will not respond properly.

So as the pilots of these amazing vehicles we call bodies we are faced with overriding much of the programming that has been operating safely and satisfactorily for so many lifetimes.

We have not readily seen the collateral damage we have caused because we have never questioned the programming. However now we are feeling as well as seeing the effects of this autopilot navigation system as it fails to self-correct.

let us recalibrate together and assist each other without getting lost in the larger picture
let us co-create by building upon each others contributions to the sustainable whole
let us rest when we are weak or tired and know that our destination is very close by
let us remember that there will be a cab to take if we stand on the corner and flag it down

It is not that what we are looking for is more important now, but more so, what we no longer need to carry any further with us.

The airport is just up the hill and to our left
we will arrive and be on time for our flight
it will set recalibration as a standard practice
for all who follow behind us

We are the first among many
re-calibrators and co-creators
preparing the way for a better vision
of humanity to anchor itself
and deepen its roots
in unity with Mother Earth