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Yes it is a touch of Spring here in Southwestern Maine today and through the snow my dog Lillybelle and I walked to the river.

Heading to our sacred spot where we, or should say I, always give Blessings of Thanksgiving and Prayers for the Water.

A familiar honking of our transient visitors the Canada Goose let us know we were not alone and trespassing into their solitude. So with every step we advanced they left the grassy shoreline and slowly but not quietly moved downstream.

Reaching the wonderful meeting place of the waters it felt so wonderful to have this mid-winter respite and opportunity to speak aloud to Nature in all Her Glory.


My prayer today was one of asking forgiveness, and healing for all of us as humans…

In the serenity of the warmth and loving Sun
the gentle ebb and flow of the river
the presence of all life forms in this peacefulness
I ask that we may be forgiven

Help us to remember our interdependence
as well as how we have abused you Mother Earth
taking for granted and control of so much life
without respect or contribution to their welfare

Forgive us for our life cycle has been harmful
defilement and pollution continue, undaunted
our not keeping our hearts close to you
is destroying us all and we need to heal

Dear Mother Forgive Us
Heal Us Consciously
Open Our Hearts
Let Us Feel The Waters
In Our Bodies
And Return To Balance