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How often do I get this message to sit and write something?
How many times do I refuse and say not right now.

Usually if I find a picture to inspire me it helps, to open the gateway and allow the flow to begin. What you see above will be my guide this evening.

ALL WAYS ARE EQUAL were the words that wanted to fill the Title space.

Many times we feel that what we do or how we look at things is meaningless.
Especially as we compare ourselves to others rather than owning our own gifts.
There are always those who may say something more elegantly or appear much wiser than we are. Turning our ego mind into this raving lunatic of wasted energy.

Each of us are Creators
drawing out of nowhere
amazing neural synapses
that respond instantaneously

Hours upon hours
we spend in reflection
testing and aligning each word
as they spill forth in streams

Many times we then labor with self-doubt to try to understand the purpose of our taking the time to even want to do this.

ALL WAYS ARE EQUAL the message shouts at me, as I question the worth of all this chatter.

I ask why, as I feel that so many words from so many great minds have gone unnoticed and unheeded. So much so, that we have become deaf and blind to truth and become enamored by falsity and craftiness.

ALL WAYS ARE EQUAL an echo returns again from deep within my heart.

The answer returns very rapidly that I cannot type it quick enough in a coherent manner …

They are equal just as you as humans are all equal
the ways are only the expressions of uniqueness
the individuality of the wholeness in each of you
herein lies the oneness of all life expressing itself

Remember children that there is no better way… only a different way