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Lake Winnipesaukee Fog.jpg

It has been an amazing past 10 days of energy which has included a New Moon and Solar Eclipse, 2 Asteroids passing by closely and an increased Schumann resonance that has affected us all, in ways we may never understand.

For each of us it has been unique, even when we are not aware of what is happening. However we have made it through and are now Resetting  ourselves back to zero in order to move into a completely new field of resonance and evolutionary experience.

My writing has been sparse as it has been challenging to stay focused or grounded. At some points it became quite humorous. I would set my intentions to focus or do something and within moments something would occur to distract me or supersede it.

So if any of you who read this can relate, please know that it is not anything that is long-lasting yet will recur throughout the year and eventually will become less distracting or stressful.

So leading into the energies which ramped up on 2/22/17…

As my heart fills with the Living Loving Light of your words
the resonance fills my body and aura with the joyous remembrance of Truth.

That Truth which cannot be denied or transmuted into any form which is not complete in itself.

Feeling that completeness
I bow to each of you who are now deeply touched
and become once more a single yet powerful beat in harmony within this Heart of Love.

Being guided to work quietly in aligning with energetic grids both Earthly and Galactic…
ERA = energetic realigning activation
was the message I received about what was happening.

On Sunday the 26th, for a Circle Of Hearts Radio Show that I do monthly with Grandmother Allayah, the word RESET was to be the focus of our talk.

The following was written just prior to going on the air.


Have I come this far to be confused???

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

to fully activated multi-dimensional self

Basic Forms
Simple Plans

The words you think are more powerful than those you use.
They will come through without any effort for they are ancient codes which have been carried through our DNA in many different languages and across many galaxies.

Link to the show

Finally today I feel much less challenged by it all and I am able to focus on more earthly physical endeavors as the multi-dimensional self has become a bit more integrated, or as we talked about, RESET.

Hence the title Elliptical Re-Setting…
as I set about to write today I was reminded of the cycles both in nature and the universe.

The photograph is of Lake Winnipesaukee in  New Hampshire, blanketed in fog on the 24th with water appearing in all its forms much like we have been feeling… Multi-dimensional !!

Then I began to see the patterns of the planets revolving around the Sun in their elliptical pathways and acknowledged this in my own energy  this week. Feeling as if I had flown a bit too close to the Sun like Icarus, yet recalculating and returning unharmed instead.

So we have learned perhaps a great deal about ourselves in this journey of 10 days and it is now we must put it into use.

An oracle card this morning prompted the following response from me and I now feel somewhat redeemed and moved into a completely new self-awareness.

How important it is to know our boundaries, to honor them and if not, then create them.

Each one of us are responsible for setting our own boundaries. It is a process that many of us fail to faithfully execute as we serve others in our various energetic capacities. Creating boundaries is not like building a wall which excludes but establishing a distinction between what is ours to lovingly share and what is taken without respect or gratitude.

Peace, Light and Love