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Mt Agamenticus 02-20-2017

Much like the view from the top of Mt Agamenticus in York, Maine where I live, there are different perspectives of time.

Each of us think in the very short terms of linear thought. Where each connection is somewhat progressing in a rather straight and linear fashion. The pathways of this may wander considerably like the many trails to the top of the mountain. Yet the steps are quite small and recognizable due to there close proximity to each other.

An interesting observation on the day before my physical birth date…

This experience we call time
is never disconnected
we age in terms of years
yet eternally we exist
remembering early childhood
as well as galactic beginnings
~ Riverman

Often we allude to our spiritual journeys having many paths by which we reach the summit of the mountain. Then imagine what that would actually look like as we turn and watch the many sojourners, each on their own path during this process.

This is all bound in what we address as Time, yet those who have reached the peak of their spiritual mountain, may say it is but an illusion. The only sensual perception of it is perhaps being in the spacial concept of distance.

We then construct stories that are cohesive in a linear sense which have a past, present and future. So let us look at the picture again and see the distance as time.

We are here in the foreground, perhaps the tree which is firmly planted, is in what we deem reality. However as we look farther into the hazy outline of the distant mountains our thoughts begin to wander and become less clear and somewhat dreamlike.

In this foreground we can remember back to our birth here on this amazing planet as human beings. We understand our connection to each other and all that we have recorded as our lifetime of years. For me it is 68 physical years on the 10th of March.

Yet deep within each of us there is this knowledge that comes though which defies logic or rational contemplation. It is like the hazy distant mountains which have been here long before humans and most of the living forms we now take for granted.

Many which have moved into non-existence and become extinct were it not for our storytelling. Including this mountain which is a part of the caldera of an ancient volcano when the land was super-continent named Pangaea.

This is our connection to the eternal. That vaporous and non-lineal aspect of time which does not move in a straight line. It is a spiral which when elongated becomes a wave. We can only see clearly for a very short line along the wave. Beyond which memories of our eternal self as Light or Energy Beings from distant star systems begin to come through.

This is very unsettling to many as it contradicts so many beliefs and stories of who and what we are. There have been many confirmations which have been hidden or eradicated over the history of humanity yet it cannot erase our ability to see beyond the horizon.

This is where we are now in our evolution… at the top of the mountain. Seeing what is beneath as well as what is beyond. Sharing stories which trigger each others memories in order to correct or release them.

It is perfect and beautiful and may we share it without fear or ridicule for it is our collective timeline. Each of us through our ancestral DNA contributing to the now we are living.

As my father would say… I’m not in my dotage yet…I’m in my anecdote-age

Perhaps he meant he could now see beyond the crest of the wave in both directions and this little journey we call life, is but a series of short stories which are connected and woven like threads, in a much larger fabric of which we cannot understand.

Peace, Light and Love