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2017-05-10 12.01.24.jpg

The Webhannet River in Wells, Maine has a small park from which you can view the falls as the waters flow towards the Atlantic Ocean a couple of miles downstream.

As part of my journey to bless the rivers of Maine this is the first one that is not a part of the Mt Agamenticus Watershed to which I have appointed myself as a guardian.

I have driven by this spot many times and not even realized it existed.
Oh how blind we are to the beauty that surrounds us in our daily busy-ness.

2017-05-10 11.57.15.jpg

This is where the Water Blessing Ceremony was held… once climbing down the rocks to the level of the river.

Nothing could be heard
but the torrents of water
repeatedly creating vortexes
and patterns of energy
as it swiftly moved
around the rocks

2017-05-10 11.54.54

It has been a very rainy Spring for which we are very thankful. The result of which could not be missed here.

I Love You – I Thank You – I Bless You
May 2017