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Embracing Our Vulnerability


Yesterday morning I prepared a talk for my usual Friday morning Presence Of Light gathering here on Humanity Healing with the title Remember – Trust – Receive.

However there was an issue over my computer camera not being available through Google Chrome, so I did it live from my cellphone on my own facebook page.

So my plans were greatly interrupted by events of which I had no foresight.

As I speak today I’m feeling that the message of yesterday and all that transpired should be represented in Our message for today.

I will weave it all for you now…

First of all we need to remember who we are. Not just as a physical body but deeper as Divine Beings of Light and Love.

In the physical We began our human lives in a liquid state, which then developed into these bodies with a heartbeat and a brain that calculates and stores everything it is presented for future reference.

Much like the machines we are communicating with, we are very robotic and easily programmed and highly vulnerable to damage or being reprogrammed.

Vulnerability is not truly a weakness for us as human beings, although it does not feel very comfortable and can make us highly susceptible to many experiences which are not only damaging but can also end our physical existence.


Key #1 Remembering…

The Source of of Life Presence communicates to us and through us before We take our first breath as well as after we take our last breath.

In my own story I died 28 years ago in a motorcycle accident and was guided to look down during the event of leaving my body… as it was still communicating with another human about my name and address at the accident scene.

However, I was not present in that body but being guided to experience energies beyond which the physical body could survive as… they were Divine Peace, Divine Light and Divine Love.

The energies which Angels and Prophets have spoken of to our ancestors, even the artists have tried to depict in their paintings of Holiness and each of us seek to connect to them through prayer and sacred ceremony.

The Presence of that, which has many names but only One Source, Our Creator.

The message here is that our human vulnerability is only a small part of our living experience and a temporary opportunity to see where adjustments could be made in our energy fields.

Key #2 Trusting…

The trusting of yourself is a powerful key to moving forward now in our evolution and not becoming trapped or totally disconnected from Our Source of Oneness.

Trust is designed to be an Inner Guidance System and is recognized by a lack of distortion, selfishness/greed or control over outcome.

Trusting becomes easier as we realize that everything we were taught to trust, that is of human nature rather than Spirit/Divine nature, has an agenda that is capable of distorting our Heart Energy if we allow it.

When our Heart Energy is distorted, we as Conscious Beings are in a place of distortion and all actions that arise from our thinking mind will also be distorting the outcome of our actions.

Key #3 Receiving…

Each of us are a unique Receiver and always a part of a Greater Connector Field of Energy, yet we are still only a fragment of that which we understand.

That which we commonly know as God or Supreme Creator is always communicating with us directly through this Cosmic Field.
The messages from the Source of our Being are always offerings of abundance for it is everlasting source of abundance.

As I wrote this I was guided to see the letters in the word Being as the same in Begin. There is no end to it.

Whenever we sense that we are not receiving abundance it triggers our sense of vulnerability.
Yet it only means that our communication system is misaligned or blocked in some manner, shape or form.

In order for the Full Abundance that is ours to be equally received and shared, We must keep Our Hearts open to Keys 1&2… Remembering and Trusting.

The energetic pathways have now been cleared and activated on many levels and in dimensions, in order to restore the imbalances that have slowly buried us deep within the dark fields of judgment, greed, and hatred.

All of those in any form which do serve the Eternal Self.

Keeping Our Hearts Open
Trusting in what We understand as Divine
Tapping in to the Unlimitedness of the Universe
Refusing to accept all that causes harm to any living beings
Truly desiring the balancing of our Divine Feminine and Masculine Presence
Aligning us All in Our True Unlimitedness and removing all boundaries,
that have blocked or destroyed the TRUTH,
over the many thousands of years of Separation
We chose to explore Ages ago.

The painful memories of the past are being released right now by embracing our human vulnerabilities and can no longer move forward in this precious time of
Our Evolution.

Within the releasing of the painful, the True Memory is now being re-established so that Peace, Light and Love will once again flow in perfect balance and harmony with Grace and Ease through each of your hearts.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.16.20

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