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Within each of us there is a breaking point…

Just before we reach it, we are each called to witness a very painful emotional energy arising out from the memory of all our ancestors.

Just before we reach it, we are each called to witness all instances of discord that humanity has chosen in one large and overwhelming burst.

Just before we break, we will recognize in each other the collective suffering which has brought us to this moment in our own hearts.

It is now, our responsibility to meet that energy and dissipate it without creating more damage to the collective human experience.

It is now, that we must not rage at those who have destroyed themselves to extract and separate the Soul from the Body in their distorted quest for power.

It is time to rise in our Strength and Co-Creative Wisdom to surround this Cancer of the Hu-Man Species and unite it once again with a Voice which speaks the Truth not falsity and distortion.

The Time Is Now Children and We are not alone. Our very own children and ancestors are calling us to stop this or they will.


Angelic Owls