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Emergence is a wonderful reminder of how we are always a part of a greater whole which is in a process of “self-transformation”.
It happens through a timeline and is marked by inner revelations and just a moment in the process of evolution.

So I ask myself today…
How am I emerging?
What is emerging?
Can I emerge and integrate into a world which is frightened of evolving?

Now with a deep breath…
Yes, it is just as easy as how the perennial flowers reappear each year with slight variations and yet have somehow moved into a new space in the garden.

We are continually planting seeds within our self which will wait until the perfect moment to arise.
The emergence of which is marked along a wave of time which is not only influenced by the energetic environment yet also has an awareness of its Self.

I’m often reminded that much like Hansel and Gretel we have been this way before and planted seeds instead of leaving breadcrumbs to find our way home.

So let us look for those unique markers along the way which call us to stand still for a moment and catch up to our own evolutionary processes.
Perhaps they will trigger unpleasant memories or energy that is no longer compatible with our present energetic fields.
Perhaps flashes of joy and laughter at our foolishness will come forth.

Yet in this stillness allow ourselves to breath deeply and release it all, to thank it for showing up and reminding us it is no longer in resonance with our hearts.
Then let us transmute it back into its original forms so that it too may evolve once again for the better purpose of co-creative alignment rather than separation.

Emergence is to not only show up, it is to fully embrace who we are in each moment and fully accept the challenges it represents.

Riverman 7.3.17