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2017-07-09 08.30-horz.jpg

Good Morning World

There are mornings which are perfect and this one is for me.
As I walk out with Lillybelle my Lab/Pointer mix dog and turn at the end of my driveway, the Peace of this morning hits me.

The Birch Tree asks me to stop and receive a message that all things have changed overnight.
The Thunderstorms gave way to the Thunder Moon shining through the remnants, of those heavy laden clouds which carried so much water.
Blessing us with each drop and the wonderful vibratory nature of Sky and Earth embracing.

As I continued my walk everything seemed surreal. The birds singing, the moisture on the blades of grass glistening and the sense of calm and wonder combined.

I looked to the sky and was instantly taken within myself, as I noticed there was not a cloud in sight. A slight haze near the horizon being created, as the moisture evaporates and changes form in this amazing cycle of Living Breathing Earth.

So I took a picture looking Southwest and Northwest with the Sun beaming down on my back and felt such Grace and Gratitude that I knew I had to share it with each of you.

May your day be Blessed in ways that only Pachamama, the Great Mother Goddess can express.
Know you are loved,
that you are love
and that Gratitude and Grace
are like Thunder and Lighting…
The True Light and Sound
which are gifts to be sought
within our hearts
as well as experienced
outside of our bodies.