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It is always an amazing opportunity for me to speak to the world via Humanity Healing Network. I never really know what the topic will be until the day before the talk and so I have to trust that I will find some supportive materials for whatever is to come through my mouth and into the hearing world.

The topic of Integrity is a big one for me as I have witnessed many people who claim to be healers and teachers failing to honor themselves and others in their pathwork.

I also watch as the leaders of the world have failed to muster up much integrity as well and are now scurrying to cover up as they rape the world in a greedy frenzy for power and control.

It is time that each of us  remember what the meaning of that word truly is and hold ourselves up as best we can to its principles… If, we are to truly turn this world around and get back to living in a better balance with nature and each other.

Any way my words flow through without much hesitation and are now a part of my statement of integrity to speak from the heart.

The reality test for me is that I have to watch and listen to what came through as well, and own it. Which is why I take a few days before I post it here.

Here below is a link to the MP3 version on my yourlisten.com channel…

Presence of Light – Let’s Talk About Integrity
Blessings to All and please think about your own integrity, knowing that anytime we improve it we become more aligned with the truth of who we are.

Peace, Light and Love
Charlie Riverman Bergeron